Qtracker Master Server Replaced

We have replaced the Qtracker master server for HeXenWorld. The new master server address is thyrion.hexenworld.org:27900. If you are a server admin, please modify your hexenworld config files to reflect the new master server. To continue using GS3D to query servers on the internet please apply this fix: gs3d-master-server-fix.reg

Gamespy Emulation Shutting Down

An annoucement was posted in the Qtracker forums that Gamespy emulation will be permanently shutting down on 8/1/17. The GS3D client provided with HeXen II will still function as intended. HeXenWorld relies on the Qtracker master server to make servers public in GS3D. We are working on a fix. Stay tuned.

HeXenTourney 2017

HeXenTourney 2017 signups are now open! The tournament is scheduled for August 31, 2017. If you would like to attend please shoot us an email via the contact section. This year we will be doing a live stream of the entire contest. We hope to see you there!

New Players

The last few weeks have shown many new players using the webtool. This has resulted in new servers with new players across the globe. Traffic on the website has also spiked in recent months. Please use this opportunity to visit the forum and introduce yourself to the community.