• Downtime


    We’ve been experiencing some downtime over the last week. Sorry about that. We’re back up and running and there should be no more issues. Anyone down to play a few rounds this weekend?

  • Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the HeXenWorld staff! We’ve got big plans for 2018 including an upcoming release. See you all on the other side!

  • #hexenworld on QuakeNet

    We now have a channel on irc.quakenet.org. This will remain open 24/7 for support, chat, events, and discussion. It can be accessed via the contact section. Drop in and say hi!

  • Qtracker Master Server Replaced

    We have replaced the Qtracker master server for HeXenWorld. The new master server address is thyrion.hexenworld.org:27900. If you are a server admin, please modify your hexenworld config files to reflect the new master server. To continue using GS3D to query servers on the internet please apply this fix: gs3d-master-server-fix.reg

  • Gamespy Emulation Shutting Down

    An annoucement was posted in the Qtracker forums that Gamespy emulation will be permanently shutting down on 8/1/17. The GS3D client provided with HeXen II will still function as intended. HeXenWorld relies on the Qtracker master server to make servers public in GS3D. We are working on a fix. Stay tuned.