HeXen II Retexturing projects

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HeXen II Retexturing projects

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This is Inkub re-texturing project from quakeone.com

This is Jeank re-texturing project with own Engine development.

I saw Heretic 1 and HeXen 1 neural upscaling project (A.I.) i wish to try it with hexen2 and also heretic 2 , yes we can do heretic2 re-texturing too, it supports m32 format which is 32 bit images, if even we fail with m32 we still can use m8, its 8 bit images, but it differs from other heretic and hexen's format, for each texture we have own palette , something like half-life but even better, with it still possible to have bigger resolution image and custom palette for it, nowadays tools accurately generate palette, and for avoiding color banding problem (palette aliased colors), we can use dithering (diffusion) , like Floyd-Steinberg. In bigger resolutions its hardly noticible.
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Re: HeXen II & Heretic2 re-texturing projects

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Did you try heretic2 re-texturing? Supports m32 format which is 32 bit images.

I never did figure out how to get Heretic II to use the m32 format. What size does the texture have to be (2 or 4x ) etc...
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