Original HexenWorld executbales?

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Original HexenWorld executbales?

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I've been trying to put together a vanilla restoration patch for Hexen II, since I already did so for Quake. Essentially the aim of the patch is to restore CD music playback and legacy resolutions to the original executables. But right now I'm currently looking for the latest released versions of the HexenWorld executables (hwcl, glhwcl, hwsv) from Raven (I believe the last version was v0.15 if my research is correct) and I haven't been able to find them anywhere. Does anyone know where I could find them?
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Re: Original HexenWorld executbales?

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ok a bit late...
but if its not already on this sites download area.look at

i see i posted
(Hexenworld Master Server + source)
it may only be HW Master Server 1.0
but the source is there to ;)

i have a lot of old original files if needed.

i had the original h2 on cd but that cd seems unreadable now after 20 years ;(
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