UT2004 (DM) House of Pain-NYC Game Server.

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UT2004 (DM) House of Pain-NYC Game Server.

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My UT2004 (DM) House of Pain-NYC Game Server.
UT2004 IP Address: (
The server is listed in the "Deathmatch" section of the browser, or, you can simply join by just typing in the "console window (~) join ( and press enter.

The server has "stats" disabled by default and MapVote enabled. There are between (4-8 bots} automatically spawning depending on the map size.

UT2004 House of Pain server maps install instructions:

Just unzip the "UT2004 House of Pain server maps.zip" and move all the files inside into your "Unreal Tournament 2004" folder.

file size: (286 MB)

download link:


*Note: I am using thr best of the custom maps I could find for the server. So instead of having you download maps... I provided this server maps.zip so you can easily join the server without any hassle. Smile!!!
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