SoC as a base mod

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SoC as a base mod

Post by Mathuz »

Hi guys, trying to tie the first HUB together, I would like to use SoC as a base for my mod because of it's many improvements. The problem is, I am not able to compile it :D
Downloaded the fresh copy from github, used the compiler provided by whirledtsar and still getting some errors, like:
medusa.hc:1001: error: Unknown value "monster_medusa_red"
fangel.hc:896: error: Unknown field "init_org" in class "entity"

Also, there is this great feature with 'audible' fire, however, it does not work with torches, only the classic one I think. I see they are handled differently, what are the differences besides the option to destroy the torches?
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Re: SoC as a base mod

Post by whirledtsar »

Sorry for the late reply Mathuz, i didnt see this thread until now. The code on github isnt always stable cause it may be in the process of being edited, but the releases (hosted on Github and moddb) contain stable versions of the source.

I dont understand your issue with the torches & ambient sounds. There is a spawnflag (4) that enables ambient sound on any torch. It's off by default because in vanilla they dont have such a sound, and there's a limited number of sound channels that you may want to conserve. Any flame/torch can also use a different soundtype to use a different flame sound than the default. These features were used for some of the light_flame_large and light_torch_eqypt entities in my map Shifting Sands, and should work for other entities.
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