Shadows Of Chaos standalone mod

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Shadows Of Chaos standalone mod

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A mod for Hexen 2 that adds weapon altfires and various balance tweaks, effects, bugfixes, & new features for mappers. This fork is based on the Shadows Of Chaos mod/mapset by Bloodshot, which is in turn based on the Game Of Tomes mod. Detailed description, credits, & instructions included in readme file.

Version 1.18 (March 13 2021)
Changes since 1.17: Extra ambient sounds & effects added to vanilla maps (delete the .ent files if this is undesired); Snake boss hitbox fixed; Axe altfire buildup time decreased; Sunstaff tomed altfire buffed; were-feline AI tweaked; fixed invalid Archer gib skin; restored welcome message; water splashes added; support for slime improved (for mappers); custom_model entity added (for mappers)

Changes to the SoC mod
-Various balance tweaks & bugfixes
-Corpses fading out, monsters respawning, & random monster variations are disabled by default but can be toggled in the console. Type "impulse 50" to see your current settings and how to toggle them.
-All classes receive mana & health upon leveling up (only the amount added to their maximum pool)
-Glyph artifact has a small delay between firing (length depends on class)
-All melee attacks knock enemies back
-Most explosions have dynamic light effects
-Assassin's Set Staff doesn't drain mana continuously after charging
-Inventory maximum amounts reduced to encourage use over hoarding - you can only carry 5 Quartz Flasks, and 2 each of powerful artifacts such as the Mystic Urn
-Disc of repulsion puts some monsters into jump state so they can't attack in the air
-Archer Lord health (and experience points given) reduced by 1/3rd
-Mummies make a sound and light up when firing arrows
-Skull Wizard Lord can resurrect nearby corpses
-Fallen Angels rebalanced across the board

Mapping features
-Instead of trigger messages using an index in strings.txt, most messages can use a plain string instead
-All monsters can use the SPAWNIN flag (128) to only spawn in when triggered; use SPAWNQUIET (65536) to spawn without teleport fog/noise
-Monsters can use "waketarget" field; they will trigger that entity upon sighting the player (eg. waketarget a button to simulate them pressing it); uses "delay" field if non-zero
-Path corners can also use "waketarget"; this target will be used when a monster or train reaches the path corner
-Monsters will wait at a path corner if it has a wait value
-Monster spawner func's can spawn more types of monsters (see spawnflags for full list); use SPAWN_SUPER (8388608) to spawn monster's super variant if applicable
-Torches & flames can use alternate sounds & volumes, determined by soundtype field
-Torches can emit ambient sounds (in vanilla they don't - use spawnflag 4 to enable) and the sounds will be toggled if the torch is triggered or shootable
-Relays can have a random delay; minimum and maximum seconds determined by cnt & lifetime fields
-Change level triggers can reset player inventory (use spawnflag 16)
-If a trigger_hurt has a target, it will act like a relay and hurt its target when triggered
-If a texture's name starts with *slime, it will behave like swamp sludge (slowed movement and unique effects)

New entities (see FGD for documentation)
-monster_maulotaur: maulotaur from Heretic; model by Razumen, code by Whirledtsar
-monster_maulotaur_lord: boss-strength maulotaur
-monster_reiver: reiver from Hexen; model by Razumen, code by Whirledtsar
-monster_undying: reanimated corpse; model by Bloodshot, code by Bloodshot & Whirledtsar
-medusa_red: weaker variant of the Medusa with lower health and less aggressive missiles
-custom_model: non-interactive entity that can use any custom model; code by Joshua Skelton & Inky
-custom_sound_ambient: ambient sound maker that can use any sound file; code by Shanjaq
-custom_sound_maker: triggered sound maker that can use any sound file; code by Shanjaq
-light_newfire: large raging fire; ported from the Portals of Praevus expansion
-trigger_ladder: brush entity that can be climbed with jump and descended with crouch
-trigger_reflect: brush entity that reflects missiles
-trigger_random: point entity that triggers a random entity from a range of targets.
-trigger_reverse: point entity that reverses the direction of targetted door or rotating entities
-fx_leaves: brush entity that spawns leaves with gravity; inspired by Hexen 1
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