[WIP] Peanut

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[WIP] Peanut

Post by Shanjaq »

Version 1.1 - Released 04/09/2019
Hexen II - Project Peanut (dev/working title) is a magic system and gore enhancement for Hexen II. Featuring 36 spells (6 power levels for 6 colors,) a new mana type (yellow,) a shop to buy items/spells, more/respawning monsters, and minor class tweaks.

Characters have 2 spell slots with a customized selection of 5 spells each. Most spells can be supported by modifiers like cast speed, damage, radius, multiple projectiles, and trap. Spell modifiers are dropped by mage archers and enemies of class henchman or higher.

Player classes have affinities to specific colors of magic, which improves mana efficiency (ask the shopkeeper about your affinity.)

Weapon Changes
  • Crossbow consumes ammo dropped by Archers
  • Crossbow has 3 mods of fire (normal, mana bolt, mana charged bolts)
  • Bone Shards optimized for Multiplayer
  • Ice Mace Tomed Attack rains ice shards
  • Purifier Tomed Attack more epic
  • Crusader's Hammer applies extra damage if the player is moving or in air
  • Assassin's Grenade ignites enemies
  • Glyph rate capped

Monster Changes
  • Most Enemies drop gold when killed
  • Chance for Archers to spawn as Mage Archers
  • Skull Wizards drop the proper amount of spiders when they die
  • Skull Wizard Summoned Spiders are permanent

Compatible Mission Packs
  • Base Hexen II
  • Fortress of 4 Doors
  • Mission Packs 1 and 2 by Rino
  • The Baron Gastone House by Rino

Download and Source
1.0 release

1.1 patch

Required: Hammer of Thyrion
https://hexenworld.org/downloads/hexen2 ... 2-shanjaq/

blackmarsh.hexenworld.org port 26901

  • Shanjaq - Scripting Lead
  • Travis "Razumen" Tokaruk - Shop Map
  • Trevor P. Dericks (trevpd at gmail.com) - Shop Music
  • S-Priest - Soundfonts for Shop Music
  • samkod - Testing and Hosting
  • DustDevil - Bug Fixing and Testing
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Re: [Release] Peanut

Post by Rino »

I would like to mention Shanjaq and his collaborators who have included my mission packs, thanking them, and for their sparkling and particular, mod Peanut work, on Hexen 2! ;)
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Re: [Release] Peanut

Post by Shanjaq »

v1.1 patch released!
(patch-only, requires v1.0 installation)

*Consolidated status effects into a single controller entity to simplify interactions with spells.
*Added more status effect interactions with spells
*Fixed spells pushing ballistas, shields, ice sheets etc.
*Removed health item regen effect
*Made ice slippery

Welcome Rino, glad to see you on the forum! These mission packs of yours have brought me back to Hexen II on many occasions, always with more improvements to the mod along the way. :)
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Re: [Release] Peanut

Post by Shanjaq »

Development is ongoing for this project, though some aspects I need help with. Here are some openings:

Looking for: 3D Modeler
- Must be familiar with Quake 1 .mdl format
- Must be familiar with Indexed Skin Textures (using Hexen II palette)
- Having Hexen II is a bonus but not required

Looking for: Monster Coder
- Must be familiar with HexenC/HCode
- Must be familiar with Hexen II or Quake 1 Monster AI and Animations
- Must have Hexen II for development and local testing
- Bonus: Understanding GIT. But not required

Hop on the Discord or PM me or if you're interested in joining the team :)
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