How to release a mod?

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How to release a mod?

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Part 1 of my big project Wheel Of Karma: A Tulku Odyssey is now ready to be released.

Okay but... how do I do that, to start with??? :o
(Silly question you may think, but that's actually my very first time so... :oops: )

Kind of things I wonder:
- How to turn my messy and crowded directory structure into a neat PAK file?
- Apart from the PAK file, what other files should I bring with? I believe that strings.txt and infolist.txt must keep separate, right? Anything else?
- On what site(s?) should I upload the zip files?
- Where should I tell people about the mission pack existence so that it gains the broadest possible audience of people likely to be interested?

I hope by posting my questions there, this post will help future first-time mappers as well... :)
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