Copyright issues

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Copyright issues

Post by Mathuz »

Hi guys,

I'm currently trying to finish my first hub and realized that I might infringe copyrights. I have very little knowledge about this issue. During the long development of these maps I used loads of custom content (textures, models, sounds). Assets from Hexen/Heretic/Quake series are regularly used I see, but what if have models I don't even know whence or sounds from various other games. Should I look for replacement or is it OK if I just give credits(may be difficult if I don't know where I got the asset from)? If you have any insight on this matter, I would welcome some help. Thanks ;)
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Re: Copyright issues

Post by samkod »

No need to look for replacements. Just try to give credits as best as you can. You can host your content in our archive and it will never be taken down :)
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