HEXEN 2 - The Mission Pack by Rino

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HEXEN 2 - The Mission Pack by Rino

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Hello to everybody from Rino!

I am glad to join here, and I thank the admin of the invitation. I know that many have played and appreciated my works, old and recent for Hexen 2 and this makes me really very pleased. And it's nice to see people, like me, creating maps and ideas around this classic game. It is important to keep the interest alive to revive the Hexen 2 series in the future!

Mission Pack by Rino

I created this map pack many age ago, in Medieval style used Blackmarsh texture. In this classic loved game, Hexen 2. Need to move around the levels to got puzzles, keys...levers)These maps are done quite small compared to the originals, sometimes there is a bit of a mess! There may be a few bugs, but they were made just for fun! Butit is also necessary to think to get the right path. I have put messages on portals and places in Italian! We therefore find rocky landscapes with the medieval walls that rise, spiders of guarding. A hidden cemetary that show a secret key, palaces invaded by lava! Archers ghost trapped in rocks, dark dungeons and sewers of the Fire Imp! A fountain with magic teleport! A forecourt with a guillotine. There's the red hall of the throne, guarded by the Wizard! A ditch with the spikes poisoned. A misterious Moai in the underground depths.When you reached a certain place of the mission can go two different directions for get the final map where could be lurk the Horseman of the apocalipse!

For more info screenshots and download Mission Pack by Rino
visit my web pages: https://sites.google.com/site/missionpa ... authuser=0
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