HEXEN 2 - The Mission Pack by Rino 2

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HEXEN 2 - The Mission Pack by Rino 2

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The Mission Pack by Rino 2

maps in medieval style, with a bit of Septimus. The story begins with our hero in a prison by the evil forces but the guard is distracted and then finding the right path to escape could is easy, but you need to think to get the right path!... As in the first Mission pack, even here when you get to a certain point of the mission you may take two different paths to reach the final map. The levels are designed for fun on single player! The maps created I used Quark 6.5, the work is linear and of good quality of levels and textures .There are portals to be opened looking for the key, levers or buttons to use, a classic for this loved classic game Hexen 2! I did not put the messages, but you look around, the solutions are easy! We'll find a secret lab! On your path a bridge destroyed! A ancient Cathedral buried! The mysterious house in the storm, infested with monsters! The hall of the tribulations where many have lost! There for you a horseman of the apocalypse!! And a relaxing final BY RINO!
News: final revision .txt file, 20 june 2018 I added to each map the title of the level and an own story, but only in Italian language.

For more info screenshots and download Mission Pack by Rino 2
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