Heretic2 Complete Game Setup v1.07

Heretic II sets you upon an epic quest across an entire continent to find a means to cleanse a world infected with a deadly magical plague that has victimized the people of the realm.
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Heretic2 Complete Game Setup v1.07

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Heretic2 Complete Game Setup v1.07
OS requirements: for all Windows versions installation of Heretic II.

*Note: Includes all the custom maps, textures, etc... and the Mods: (THF, Tmod, Emod and Oglequest)
*Note: After you click install for all users... it takes a few moments for the next screen depending on which Windows version you have so be patient, but after that it installs quickly.

title: Heretic2 Complete Game Setup v1.07.exe
size: 1.67 GB
*Note: Complete install requires 4.25 GB of space on your hard drive.
*Note: Includes all the custom maps, textures, etc... and the Mods: (THF, Tmod, Emod and Oglequest)
*Note: Oglequest Mod install is in the Heretic II folder zipped.

download link:!AlnA6Q7Qr0oyyjHKqSq ... x?e=Pcgs9f

Right click the file go to properties and at the bottom click unblock file and save file and then "install" the game.
The game path for installation: Defaults to (C:\Heretic2).

It installs Heretic II and updates it to (version1.07) the "Heretic II Enhancement Pack v1.07". It comes with a game launcher with H2Resolution incorporated into it, as well as having Direct sound with the "Music" folder using "OGG Files (.ogg)" for music, and a safemode and windowmode settings, etc...
*Note: The "uninstall" application is in the folder and the "Audio" is all in English.
*Note: A shortcut of the (C:\Heretic2\LTFGameLauncher.exe) is created onto your desktop for easy startup. Use the "H2Resolution" incorporated into the launcher at the bottom/center to set your monitor resolution. The information is saved in the "LTFGameLauncher.exe" config file.

*Note: "Heretic II Coop" textures looks almost as good as "HD" textures when using the "Heretic II Enhancement Pack v1.07" (default "Video settings" at renderer "software) setting.
*Note: So keep the default "Video settings" at renderer "software" at (640x480) settings and set/use the "h2Resolution" so you get full screen resolution.
*Note: If your monitor/screen size is larger than "1920x1200" then in order to cover your screen you need to input half your original screen size of your Monitor into the "H2Resolution" box.

Example: My monitor is "2560/1440" which H2Resolution will not input anything over "1920x1200" correctly. In order for it to cover my Monitor/Screen I had to input half my monitor size "1280x720" to get it to work full screen.

*Important Note: Player/clients need to allow Heretic II through the Windows firewall and then restart computer to take effect and play.

Also, You might need to set "Heretic II" compatibility settings to Windows XP service pack 2 /16bit and then restart computer if you are having problems.

*Note: If you are still having any problems with sound, or, crashing try removing the old sound drivers from the Heretic2 directory as listed below so the game defaults to "Direct Sound".

*Note: The "Music" folder uses "OGG Files (.ogg)" for music.

*Note: sound drivers that you might need to be remove from Heretic2 directory:


*Note: The default rate is set for 25000, and the cl_maxfps 30, You might want to change that and set cl_maxfps 60, and set cl_yawspeed 300, but it is not necessary for playing the game.
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