"DMDeck_rev3" is a re-make of that popular "UT" Deck 16 map.

Heretic II sets you upon an epic quest across an entire continent to find a means to cleanse a world infected with a deadly magical plague that has victimized the people of the realm.
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"DMDeck_rev3" is a re-make of that popular "UT" Deck 16 map.

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A New Heretic II Map for the Heretic II Anniversary.

"DMDeck_rev3" is a re-make of that popular "UT" Deck 16 map.

Heretic II - Two New medium/large sized map: "DMDeck" and "DMDeck_rev3".


Name: "DMDeck" - map size: 823 KB
Name: "DMDeck_rev3" - map size: 827 KB

download link:

https://1drv.ms/u/s!AlnA6Q7Qr0oyylcyBTB ... q?e=NkbRbj

"DMDeck_rev3" is an updated Version of my original "DMDeck" map. It has improved lighting on the upper Deck levels, some texture fixes, and changes in the layout of the Deathmatch Weapons. The "trident has been moved to a lower deck level and the (iron doom and pbow) are on the upper level Deck. Also, the map has improved "r-speeds" for playing and running around the map. Also, there are two new "bot routes" for both maps.

Description : An indoor "three floor level" map with three teleportals and two lifts.

I spent countless hours building this map over and over again looking for the right textures to use in the map to make it pleasant to view and play. Also, there is lots of color lighting in the map. The map has also has a new sky texture named "vlcno8" which is included in the pics folder.

*Special Note: The "slime" in the map uses two layers of the "Mines/newearbl1" texture. The top layer uses dmflags "Mist, detail, warping, and "trans33" and the texture layer below it uses dmflags "Slime, lava, light, warping, and trans 66" to give it those special effects when viewing it in the map.

*Note: I included both "map" files which you can open with any map editor. For those mappers whom might be interested in viewing the map in the "HereticEd, Quark Army Knife or GtkRadiant" editor, etc... to see how it was made.


Installation: Just copy/paste the map, textures, and pics folder into the Heretic II/base folder. The routes file goes in the EMod/Tmod/Grinbots2/routes folder.

* Gotta say "huge thanx" to these fine folks that have made their hard work
freely available for us lowly mappers to use.



Play/map information:

Game - Heretic II
Single Player : nah
Deathmatch : well, thats what I made it for.
Cooperative : Nope.
Single player - No
Difficulty Settings: Nope
Player load : lots and lots
New Textures - Yes there are a few
New sky textures - Yes
New sounds - No



dmdeck_rev3 Slideshow:

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