A new Heretic II map named "dmholocaust"

Heretic II sets you upon an epic quest across an entire continent to find a means to cleanse a world infected with a deadly magical plague that has victimized the people of the realm.
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A new Heretic II map named "dmholocaust"

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"Greetings to all you Elves...

A Heretic II map named "dmholocaust"
Date: March 25, 2022

dmholocaust zipped: (1.85 MB)

"dmholocaust" is an indoor/outdoors type Heretic II Deathmatch map using the "forest" sky textures and some envirnment sounds.

There is one teleportal, one lift, and a bunch of paths leading you to the different entrances/sections of the map where most of the weapons are kept.

download link:

https://1drv.ms/u/s!AlnA6Q7Qr0oyynU9fBr ... W?e=20cGho

Just copy/paste the "base" folder into the Heretic II/ folder. Overwrite/replace all files.

* Gotta say "huge thanx" to these fine folks that have made their hard work freely available for us lowly mappers to use.
Play/map information:
Game - Heretic II
Single Player : nah
Deathmatch : well, thats what I made it for.
Cooperative : Nope.
Single player - No
Difficulty Settings: Nope
Player load : 8 spawn points
New Textures -Yes there are some
New sky textures - No
sounds - Yes

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