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New Heretic II map dmgreystone

Posted: Fri Apr 22, 2022 11:32 pm
by Sport#TnXWAR#
"Greetings to all you Heretic II Elves...

A Heretic II map named "dmgreystone"
Date: April 21, 2022
map size: 2.06 MB

"dmgreystone" is a Heretic II medium/large 3 floor level Deathmatch map with several teleportals, a few staircases, shrines, and all the defense/offense weapons" The map uses the "xgrave" sky texture which fits the map theme just fine.

download link:!AlnA6Q7Qr0oyyn3LvtE ... F?e=BebS50

Just copy/paste the "base" folder into the Heretic II/ folder. Overwrite/replace all files. The routes file goes in the EMod/Tmod/Grinbots2/routes folder.

* Gotta say "huge thanx" to these fine folks that have made their hard work
freely available for us lowly mappers to use.
Play/map information:
Game - Heretic II
Single Player : nah
Deathmatch : well, thats what I made it for.
Cooperative : Nope.
Single player - No
Difficulty Settings: Nope
Player load : 14 spawn points
New Textures -Yes
New sky textures - No
sounds - No