Heretic II medium sized map: "dmslaughter"

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Heretic II medium sized map: "dmslaughter"

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Heretic II - A new Heretic II medium sized map: "dmslaughter"
March 18, 2021


Name: "dmslaughter" - map size: 1.46 MB

A Heretic II level map with all weapons/spells, three teleportals and several shrines...

Description : An indoor "rustic style" map with "three levels". All the textures are from Heretic II and Quake2.


Installation: Just copy/paste the map, textures, and pics folder into the Heretic II/base folder. The pics folder has the "xgrave" sky textures for Heretic II. Just copy/paste the "pics" folder into the base folder. The route folder goes into tmod/emod grinbots2 routes folder.

download link:

"!AlnA6Q7Qr0oyyW76DOi ... q?e=g94dnY"

Play/map information:

Game - Heretic II
Single player - No
Deathmatch - 10 spawnpoints
New Textures -Yes
New sky textures - No
New sounds - No



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