uHexen Progs (Fixes, Mapping Improvements)

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uHexen Progs (Fixes, Mapping Improvements)

Post by Shanjaq »

I've started a new repository to host the Progs with fixes, new standard features and mapping improvements for use with our uHexen fork:

Here is the current release:
https://github.com/Shanjaq/uhexen2-prog ... s/tag/v1.3

SkullWizard's phase ability works better on uneven terrain
Silent Teleporter preserves player velocity, angles and relative position when touched (more imperceptible)
trigger_push now functions correctly with Portals progs in maps that were compiled for OldMission
Lightning weapon no longer skips frames @whirledtsar
Gibbed monsters no longer trigger their targets twice

custom_sound_maker (external sounds)
custom_sound_ambient (external sounds)
custom_music_player (external music)
item_spawner now spawns Rings
item_spawner now repeatable with spawnflags 1

Here's how to use the new map entities:

classname: custom_sound_maker (Credit: Eye of Horus)
targetname: lava
netname: ambience/lava.wav

classname: custom_sound_ambient  (Credit: Eye of Horus)
netname: ambience/lava.wav
flags: 10 (min. delay)
flags2: 20 (max. delay)

classname: custom_music_player
targetname: music_start
netname: casb3 (track name, left blank to stop music)
flags: 1 (0 = play once, 1 = loop)
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Re: uHexen Progs (Fixes, Mapping Improvements)

Post by Mathuz »

Great, I myself did some minor changes/fixes as far as my skills allowed me  ;D Somebody could finish the raven entity. It doesn't move and just randomly uses the animations, but it might have been really cool if finished.
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