Which HexenC compiler?

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Which HexenC compiler?

Post by Inky »


The HexenC compiler I have been using this far calls uqehx2hcc.
Don't remember exactly how I found it but in view of the name I'd guess it came along with UQE which is the Hexen II engine I almost exclusively use.

Is it the best possible choice?

The fact is that I lost days and days tearing my hair out because of uncanny bugs happening in-game after I made some (even minor) modifications to the HexenC code. Crazy bugs like "all the fights make the game engine crash" happening after I worked on trigger_secret code, for example. But how on earth could the two be related??? So weird!

It is a problem with the compiler ? The game engine ? Both ? Just me ? (Yet I swear my edits are never far more than a few edited lines of code, nothing compared to the amazing mods by Shanjaq! :shock: )

What is the compiler you use?
I would really love to make more code modifications to get the best from the game engine and obtain cool gameplay novelties, but I feel like in a mine field, where any minor gesture might be able to make everything explode. That's very uncomfortable. I need a reliable tool. HELP! :!: :!: :!:
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Re: Which HexenC compiler?

Post by Mathuz »

You can try the compiler I use. I was also afraid to alter the HC files as I didn't really know what I was doing. Little by little I learned some things, no crashes or bugs so far, but I did mostly minor changes. I tried to send it to you via PM, let me know if you received it succesfully as I'm not sure whether it attached it or not.
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