Hexen II Hexen II DM w/ bots 0/8 ravdm3 apocbot
Hexen II Hexen II Coop Peanut 0/8 demo1 peanut
HexenWorld HexenWorld DM 0/16 ksdm2
HexenWorld HexenWorld CTF 0/16 ctf_fin3 hwctf
HexenWorld HexenWorld Rival Kingdoms 0/16 rkmeso rk
HexenWorld HexenWorld Dungeon Break 0/16 castle db
HexenWorld HexenWorld HeXArena 0/16 ksha1 hexarena
HexenWorld HexenWorld Siege 0/16 siege siege
HexenWorld The Bleeding / OldSchool HW Hook DM 0/16 hwdm1
Heretic II Ye Olde Vanilla 0/16 allblades3
Heretic II Lands of Parthoris 0/4 andhealer tmod
Heretic II The House of Sin [Powered by Ghost] 0/16 stonedblade tmod
Heretic II MyDedServer DM 0/16 dmtower

To connect to a server open the console with ~ and type: connect <ADDRESS>

Want your server in here? Use the webtool.

Hexen II Webtool / Heretic II Webtool

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