HeXen II Webtool v1.0

HeXen II does not have the capability to send IP addresses to a master server that can be queried with a game browser like GS3D or XQF (for Linux users). This webtool was created for you to register the WAN IP of your HeXen II server. Once you enter the IP address of your server, it can be queried with GS3D or XQF.

The default port for HeXen II is 26900. The server list can be pulled @ http://hexenworld.org/hexen2

1. Install HeXen II: hexen2_20160220.exe

2. Add your WAN IP if hosting a server (optional).
  a. Forward port 26900 on your router!
  b. Connect via LAN if you want to join your server.

3. Launch GS3D and play HeXen II!

IP:port: :