HeXenTourney 2018 Rescheduled

HeXenTourney 2018 has been rescheduled due to conflicting schedules. The tournament will be on 9/28 at 20:00 ET. If you would like to attend, please send us an email via the contact page so we can build a roster. See you there.

HeXenTourney 2018

Some users were wanting to know when HeXenTourney will be scheduled for this year. We are aiming for the week of August 31 but this is subject to change based on schedules. To register please just send an email via the contact section. We’ll be sending out info much earlier this year. See you all …

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New Build, Wiki, and More

Greetings all! Just wanted to post a few updates so you’re not left out in the dark. HoT is wrapping up the latest test release. This means that we will be releasing an out of the box package shortly after which will include many improvements to the game and bug fixes. We are wanting to …

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Hardware for Sale

We’re in the process of standing up a new dedicated server that will host 6 HeXenWorld servers, a HeXen II bot server, and a vanilla Heretic II server. The server that we are currently using is for sale for $50 USD + shipping. The server comes pre-configured and has been tweaked for max performance. All …

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A user who wishes to remain anonymous was kind enough to donate 4 years of web hosting for us on a new server! Seriously, thank you times 10000!


We’ve been experiencing some downtime over the last week. Sorry about that. We’re back up and running and there should be no more issues. Anyone down to play a few rounds this weekend?