HeXenWorld.org | HeXen II Development & LTS

Welcome to HeXenWorld! We are the official community driving the future infrastructure of HeXen II and HeXenWorld. Our goal is to provide long term support and offer a working, out of the box solution for these games. If you need support please visit the forum. If you want to register your WAN IP for HeXen II so that others can query your server from GameSpy3D or XQF please use the webtool.


03/10/2018 – Donate
It currently costs $50 a year to operate and maintain the hexenworld.org domain along with our hosting plan and the dedicated server that runs 24/7. We plan to be around for many years to come even if we have to foot the bill each year. Since hexenworld.org is a community project, we are now opening donations if anyone would like to help fund the costs.

03/02/2018 – Downtime
We've been experiencing some downtime over the last week. Sorry about that. We're back up and running and there should be no more issues. Anyone down to play a few rounds this weekend?

12/25/2017 – Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the HeXenWorld staff! We've got big plans for 2018 including an upcoming release. See you all on the other side :)

11/01/2017 – Wiki
We had previously discussed creating an official wiki for HeXen II. We would also like to extend this to HeXen, Heretic, and Heretic II. If you would like to help in the endeavors please send us an e-mail via the contact section.

08/03/2017 – #hexenworld on QuakeNet
We now have a channel on irc.quakenet.org. This will remain open 24/7 for support, chat, events, and discussion. It can be accessed via the contact section. Drop in and say hi!

07/06/2017 – Qtracker Master Server Replaced
We have replaced the Qtracker master server for HeXenWorld. The new master server address is thyrion.hexenworld.org:27900. If you are a server admin, please modify your hexenworld config files to reflect the new master server. To continue using GS3D to query servers on the internet please apply this fix: gs3d-master-server-fix.reg

06/30/2017 – Gamespy Emulation Shutting Down
An annoucement was posted in the Qtracker forums that Gamespy emulation will be permanently shutting down on 8/1/17. The GS3D client provided with HeXen II will still function as intended. HeXenWorld relies on the Qtracker master server to make servers public in GS3D. We are working on a fix. Stay tuned!

05/01/2017 – HeXen II: Shadows of Chaos
In case you haven't heard HeXen II: Shadows of Chaos demo has been released. By the end of the week we will try to get a dedicated server hosted. You can get more information on it here: http://moddb.com/mods/hexen-ii-shadows-of-chaos

04/08/2017 – HeXenTourney 2017
HeXenTourney 2017 signups are now open! The tournament is scheduled for August 31, 2017. If you would like to attend please shoot us an email via the contact section. This year we will be doing a live stream of the entire contest. We hope to see you there!

04/07/2017 – HeXenWorld.org Gets a Makeover
We've been doing some major overall on the css here. We are now mobile friendly!

03/17/2017 – Heretic II Webtool
It was brought to our attention that the qtracker master server has not been working for Heretic II in recent days. To resolve this issue (hopefully it's only temporary) we've created a Heretic II webtool similar to the HeXen II webtool that was built last year. Once the qtracker master server is back up this should only be used as a backup. It can be accessed here: http://hexenworld.org/heretic2-webtool

12/31/2016 – Happy New Year From HeXenWorld
Thanking everyone for a fastastic year. Wishing everyone a happy 2017! We have big things planned around the corner. Stay tuned!

12/17/2016 – New Players
The last few weeks have shown many new players using the webtool. This has resulted in new servers with new players across the globe. Traffic on the website has also spiked in recent months. Please use this opportunity to visit the forum and introduce yourself to the community.

09/28/2016 – QuakeSMS update
Long time no update! The last month has been slow at HeXenWorld HQ. HeXenTourney turned out to be quite small this year. The winner of the tournament was KUBA18i. In the next week I plan to start working on QuakeSMS again and bring the code into near perfection. If you would like to recieve SMS or email updates when a player joins a HeXen II/HeXenWorld server, please send me your information via the contact section. You have the option to choose between SMS text message or email and can opt out at any time.

08/31/2016 – Happy 20th Birthday HeXen II!
20 years ago today, HeXen II hit the stores. It's amazing how the time has flown! I remember bringing it home and sitting in my kitchen on my Windows 95 machine (it was a custom built rig) installing the game. Dial-up was garbage and we were all computer illiterate at the time so multiplayer never actually happened. I've been told that there were servers all over the place with players across the globe. Today we stand alone with a small community of dedicated players but have high hopes of making this primetime again! Thanks for all the love and support :)

08/27/2016 – HeXenTourney 2016
Due to the lack of signups HeXenTourney will not occur as a paid event this year. I will keep registration open (just shoot me an email if you would like to join) and it will instead be a free event. A lot of work has been put into restoring this game. We would love for it to live on another year. Hope to see you there!

08/16/2016 – Hammer of Thyrion 1.5.8 Released
Hammer of Thyrion 1.5.8 was just released! As many of you know our builds use slightly modified HoT binaries. All credit goes to the HoT dev. Without his work, none of this would even be possible. We will be updating our package to include the 1.5.8 update. Stay tuned!

07/23/2016 – A Look Inside HeXenWorld HQ
Here's a shot of our new dedicated server in action! I thought it would be a good opportunity to share some of what we have been working on over the last few weeks with the community. Now that we have a reliable server it's game time. We have big plans for the future of HeXen II! Stay tuned. See you on the servers!

HeXen II/World server

07/19/2016 – Servers Are Live!
The servers are now live! We have just about every game type featured. Take a look at GameSpy3D or XQF and join in on the fun. More content is coming soon! On this note, I'd like to talk about HeXenTourney. The tournament is scheduled for August 31, 2016. So far nobody has registered. The tournament will consist of different one-on-one matches. The final round will be DM. If you are interested in signing up please contact us via the contact section of the site. Hope to see you there :)

07/13/2016 – This Week in HeXenWorld
The Banana Pi M2+ has shipped in. What a cool board it is! This weekend I will be loading the OS onto it and will have dedicated servers running 24/7 from now on. After this weekend there will be no more downtime. Stay tuned and watch the for the servers!

06/28/2016 – Dedicated Server Coming Soon
With the development of QuakeSMS underway, the folks at BananaPi have been kind enough to give us a sample BPI-M2+ board for deployment purposes. In exchange, I will be doing a review of their product. In a very short while, we will have HeXen II/World servers running 24/7 with QuakeSMS enabled. There will be no more downtime. Best of all you will get a text message the second a player joins. If you would like to sign up for this free service, please send us your mobile phone number or email address to admin [at] hexenworld [dot] org. Your information will never be given to anyone and you can be removed from the QuakeSMS mailing list at any time if you decide to opt out.

06/14/2016 – QuakeSMS Demo :)

06/11/2016 – QuakeSMS
QuakeSMS is a project that I am working on which will send an sms (text message) to a mobile phone when a player joins a server (it works with email too). The idea is to have a distribution list of players who want to receive notifications. When somebody joins a server, everyone on the list gets a text. QuakeSMS will work for HeXen II, HeXenWorld, Heretic II, Quake, Quake II, etc. I currently have a working proof of concept that should be ready in the next few days! If you would like to help test this please contact the staff.

06/03/2016 – Dedicated Server 24/7
Since the launch of this website, dedicated server hosting has been hit and miss. Ideally I'd love to host a few servers that remain online 24/7. Right now the main servers usually goes up during the evening hours. I want to change this and will invest if we can get some people interested in playing online (currently we have about 3 or 4). If anyone actually reads the news headlines and is interest in playing, please sign up on the forum. Servers will include HWDM, DM w/ bots, CTF, RK, and Peanut.

05/11/2016 – Webtool Usage
The webtool has been utilized quite a bit in the recent weeks. This is great news! I'm seeing many new IPs populate into the list but not a single one of these have ever been active. If you wish to use the webtool, please do not add your IP unless you actually plan on hosting a server that others can join. Dead servers make refresh times slower in GS3D or XQF. If you are having trouble getting your server live, please use the contact section and send me an email. I would be more than happy to help anyone setup their HeXen II or HeXenWorld servers :)

05/02/2016 – HeXenTourney 2016
In light of 20 years of HeXen II, I'd like to propose a tournament for August 31. If you would like to sign up please send an email to: admin [at] hexenworld [dot] org. Registration will remain open until August 29th and will cost $5 USD. The winner will recieve a cash prize. The more players, the greater the prize :)

02/20/2016 – HeXen II: 20th Anniversary Edition Officially Released!
We have been working countless hours over the last month to resurrect HeXen II & HeXenWorld multiplayer and provide a single tool (modified GameSpy3D) to query all servers. We've done that and so much more! With this release also comes the birth of HeXenWorld.org! Special thanks to all who contributed to beta testing.