2019-03-31: Hammer of Thyrion version is released

Version of Hexen II: Hammer of Thyrion (uHexen2) is based on the official uHexen2 release 1.5.9 source. The changes since the previous release are as follows:

  • bsp2 support with backwards compatibility for official HoT binaries.
  • Mission Pack Auto-Loading, similar to HexenWorld strategy
  • Fixed Dynamic DarkLight Effects for GL
  • New Script Functionality
    • Scripted Colored Lighting Effects for GL
    • New Lighting Effect: TE_LIGHT_PULSE
    • Scripted Glow Effects for GL
    • String Hash function
  • Multi-Mod Loading from Command-Line Parameters
  • 44.1kHz Sample Rate enabled for Audio Playback
  • New Protocol 21 (UH2_114)
    • Increased Datagram Size (2048, was 1024)
    • Automatic GameDir selection when joining Protocol 21 servers, similar to HexenWorld strategy
    • Backwards Compatibility with Protocol 19 (RAVEN_112)