Heretic II update files

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Heretic II update files

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Have you updated your Heretic II to the latest version - v1.06?

1. Heretic II Enhancement Pack v1.06
2. win2kserverfix (or one of the other video monitor resolution fixes)
3. disable "EAXSnd.dll" - example: (change to EAXSnd.dll.disabled) which is found in your Heretic II directory. It has been known to cause crashing.

The game was originally made for Windows 95/98. The "win2kserverfix" updates the original Quake.dll so that it works with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7/10. You need to set your (Heretic II.exe) compatability settings to Windows XP service pack2 / 8bit color.

4. Another possible Heretic II sound fix:

Example: How I fixed my realtek sound driver problem for Heretic II. I have a realtek sound card and Heretic II does not like using it.

I just created a folder in my Heretic2 directory (named sound drivers backup )and moved these sound dll's listed below into it and then set my sound settings to use "sound system default sound. That stopped the crashing that was happening and I hear all the game sounds.

It should stay on that setting the next time you start Heretic II with sound working just fine using "DirectSound initializiation" instead those other sound dll's. It worked fine now for me. Hopefully that info will help others.

sound drivers moved from Heretic2 directory into a backup folder.


Heretic II update files link:

* Important Note: If you have not updated to "Heretic II Enhancement Pack v1.06" and you update afterwards you all your saved games files will be the wrong version and will not work. But the I provided in another post will allow you to still use savegames.

Note: All the monitor resolution fixes in this folder require you to have the Heretic II CD in the CD/DVD drive to play the game except for "Quake2.dll "win2kserverfix" and the "HereticII.1280x1024Tweak.ByWerne[CR]" Quake2.dll monitor resolution fix.

Monitor screen resolutions available for Heretic II

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