An Opportunity to Help a Friend

I am reaching out to the HW community to see if we can help a friend in need in these difficult times. WhiteMagicRaven is a friend of mine who I’ve known for over a decade.

He has contributed countless hours of his time developing patches for Heretic II, Necrodome, and several other titles. He is very talented sysadmin and is skilled in software assembly. I’ve spent a lot of time getting to know him over the years and he is passionate about reviving these old games to make them better.

WhiteMagicRaven lives in Ukraine and has faced the horrors of this ongoing war, at times not knowing if he will be alive the next hour. He wants to build his career but is currently jobless in Ukraine, knowing fully well that there is no future there.

Our friend has recently developed two new patches for Heretic II and Necrodome. He is hoping to get a few dollars for his contributions but does not want to solicit the community. When I received this message from him, I told him I will publish this post for him, hoping to generate a small stream of income for him. A few dollars will go a long way. If you are able to please consider buying one of his patches or sending a donation to him. There are a few ways to do this:

Purchase patches via Payhip (direct download option):

Send a donation to his PayPal: whitemagicraven [at] gmail [dot] com