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  • uhexen2-shanjaq Released

    uhexen2-shanjaq Released

    After many months of development, we are pleased to announce the release of uhexen2-shanjaq Thanks to sezero, Shanjaq, spike, and samkod the Hexen II community has some awesome new features. These features include BSP2 support, mission pack auto-loading, fixed dynamic darklight effects for GL, new script functionality, ZDoom-style multi-mod loading, 44.1k audio, and a new Hexen II protocol.

  • Dedicated Server 24/7

    Since the launch of this website, dedicated server hosting has been hit and miss. Ideally I’d love to host a few servers that remain online 24/7. Right now the main servers usually goes up during the evening hours. I want to change this and will invest if we can get some people interested in playing […]