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  • Mapping Tips & Tricks

    Mapping Tips & Tricks

    When one of the most prominent stars of the current Quake mapping scene shares his tricks in TrenchBroom!

  • Church Of The Unholy behind the scenes

    Church Of The Unholy behind the scenes

    If you enjoyed Inky’s Church Of The Unholy Quake mod and are interested in map design theory, don’t miss this in-depth writing about the author’s inspirations, philosophy, techniques and more!

  • Church of the Unholy

    Church of the Unholy

    Inky’s new project just released!!! That’s not Hexen II this time, but if you like Inky’s very personal style you can’t miss this one…

  • QuakeSMS

    QuakeSMS is a project that I am working on which will send an sms (text message) to a mobile phone when a player joins a server (it works with email too). The idea is to have a distribution list of players who want to receive notifications. When somebody joins a server, everyone on the list…

  • Hexen II: 20th Anniversary Edition Officially Released!

    We have been working countless hours over the last month to resurrect Hexen II & HexenWorld multiplayer and provide a single tool (modified GameSpy3D) to query all servers. We’ve done that and so much more! With this release also comes the birth of HexenWorld.org! Special thanks to all who contributed to beta testing.