• QuakeSMS update

    Long time no update! The last month has been slow at HexenWorld HQ. HexenTourney turned out to be quite small this year. The winner of the tournament was KUBA18i. In the next week I plan to start working on QuakeSMS again and bring the code into near perfection. If you would like to recieve SMS or email updates when a player joins a Hexen II/HexenWorld server, please send me your information via the contact section. You have the option to choose between SMS text message or email and can opt out at any time.

  • QuakeSMS

    QuakeSMS is a project that I am working on which will send an sms (text message) to a mobile phone when a player joins a server (it works with email too). The idea is to have a distribution list of players who want to receive notifications. When somebody joins a server, everyone on the list gets a text. QuakeSMS will work for Hexen II, HexenWorld, Heretic II, Quake, Quake II, etc. I currently have a working proof of concept that should be ready in the next few days! If you would like to help test this please contact the staff.