Privateer’s Hold

A mapper is born!

HexenWorld invites you to give a try to IronFox’s first map which is quite impressive for a first work. The name of this map might sound a bit odd in a Hexen II context, which explains because this is a remake of a Daggerfall map of that name. This is also the reason why the layout does not ideally fit the Hexen II standards and gimmicks, mainly consisting in narrow samey corridors & doors, and making close to no use of verticality. Almost a map for the original Wolfenstein game. 😅
Yet, one can’t help being impressed by the dedication put by IronFox in crafting an incredibly BIG map, being approximately 4800×4800 units!!! 😮 A beast of a first map, really. Few are those able to put so much work in a map, even more so a first-time mapper.

No doubt he could become a great mapper if he holds on!

Download the map by clicking here