Category: Development

  • Qtracker Master Server Replaced

    We have replaced the Qtracker master server for HexenWorld. The new master server address is If you are a server admin, please modify your hexenworld config files to point to the new master server.

  • Gets a Makeover

    We’ve been doing some major overall on the css here. We are now mobile friendly!

  • Heretic II Webtool

    It was brought to our attention that the qtracker master server has not been working for Heretic II in recent days. To resolve this issue (hopefully it’s only temporary) we’ve created a Heretic II webtool similar to the Hexen II webtool that was built last year. It can be accessed here:

  • QuakeSMS update

    Long time no update! The last month has been slow at HexenWorld HQ. HexenTourney turned out to be quite small this year. The winner of the tournament was KUBA18i. In the next week I plan to start working on QuakeSMS again and bring the code into near perfection. If you would like to recieve SMS…

  • Hammer of Thyrion 1.5.8 Released

    Hammer of Thyrion 1.5.8 was just released! As many of you know our builds use slightly modified HoT binaries. All credit goes to the HoT dev. Without his work, none of this would even be possible. We will be updating our package to include the 1.5.8 update. Stay tuned!

  • QuakeSMS Demo 🙂