• Models high and (g)low!

    Test version hexen2-r6303 of the game engine has just been released and now allows an unprecedented control on 3D models customization. Party time!

  • New test build and lost sheep

    Test version hexen2-r6297 of the game engine has just been released and features brand new fancy ways of customizing in-game messages. Bâââ!

  • uhexen2-shanjaq Released

    After many months of development, we are pleased to announce the release of uhexen2-shanjaq Thanks to sezero, Shanjaq, spike, and samkod the Hexen II community has some awesome new features. These features include BSP2 support, mission pack auto-loading, fixed dynamic darklight effects for GL, new script functionality, ZDoom-style multi-mod loading, 44.1k audio, and a new Hexen II protocol.

  • Fortress of Four Doors + Peanut

    ZDoom-style multi-mod loading

    This week at we are pleased to announce ZDoom-style multi-mod loading command line switching for the uhexen2-shanjaq fork, thanks to Shanjaq. This gives a user the ability to load mission packs and mods at the same time.

  • Hexen II BSP2 Map Support

    To drive new features that are not yet supported by uhexen2, we've decided to fork uhexen2 on github. We've successfully applied spike's BSP2 patch to the latest master and have implemented a few of our own fixes.