Models high and (g)low!

Version hexen2-r6303 of the engine has just been released in

Previously, only very specific hard coded models could cast light around (namely projectiles) or have a nice colored glow (like mana or torches). There were also a whole bunch of cool client effects (mainly trails for projectiles) one could only set up through cryptic flags in the mdl files.
Now it’s possible to add such effects to any model without having to give it a special hard coded name or fiddle with its flags in QME (whose latest version anyway doesn’t give access to them anymore). It just takes a new easy-to-set-up entity and that’s it. 🙂

Supported features:

  • RGBA color used for glow and/or dynamically cast light
  • Offset vector to neatly position the glow origin from the model origin (notably useful for torches)
  • Glow radius
  • Light style (normal, pulsating, flickering, etc.) used for glow and/or dynamically cast light
  • Dynamically cast light radius

Read a comprehensive description on Inky’s Hexen II Mapping Corner

Also included in this release

  • AC display fixed in HUD to faithfully reflect its value calculated by the HexenC progs (an inconsistency as old as the game itself!)

  • If occurring in PR_ExecuteProgram, crashes now issue more explicit error messages about the internal function having caused the failure
  • SV_PushMove now supporting liquid trains (like raising water or lava) by not pushing things up but flooding them instead
  • SV_Physics_None made more robust against a new corner case able to be caused by such liquid trains