• Shadows Of Chaos Remix by WhirledTsar

    HexenWorld member WhirledTsar just released his own vision of the Shadows Of Chaos mod which includes tons of new mapping possibilities and a crazy rework of the vanilla game ambiences! He tells us more about that amazing project...

  • Exclusive Interview of Brian Raffel

    Brian Raffel is nothing less than the cofounder of Raven Software in 1990 and keeps being the head of the studio still today. He's behind all the games we have been cherishing for 30 years. Discover his memories through this exclusive interview by HexenWorld member Inky!

  • Wheel of Karma on YouTube

    Inky's mod Wheel Of Karma is now in the spotlight of YouTuber Degorram who offers it a dedicated playlist in her playthrough series! Cast a glance at it for fun or even better: download the mod if you haven't yet!

  • Exclusive Interview of Kevin Schilder

    Kevin Schilder is the composer for all the Heretic/Hexen series' music and sound effects. Those beloved anthems forever engraved in our memories are all his oeuvre! Discover his insights and memories through this exclusive interview by HexenWorld member Inky!

  • Shifting Sands

    Do you feel ready to face the threats lying in the depths of a gloomy ancient egyptian tomb buried under the sands of the desert? The sarcophagus of Pharaoh awaits in shadows... and the shadows are full of hungry yowlings and shining eyes...