• The Tomb of Osiris

    Garyou just released his very first Hexen II map and sets the bar high right away! Enjoy this exciting newbie-yet-already-expert adventure!

  • Mapping Tips & Tricks

    When one of the most prominent stars of the current Quake mapping scene shares his tricks in TrenchBroom!

  • Join the Karmaverse!

    Inky decided to venture in new unexplored parts of Thyrion! Discover his propostion for an extended Hexen II universe with new civilizations, ambiances, architectures and gameplay flavors...

  • Models high and (g)low!

    Test version hexen2-r6303 of the game engine has just been released and now allows an unprecedented control on 3D models customization. Party time!

  • New test build and lost sheep

    Test version hexen2-r6297 of the game engine has just been released and features brand new fancy ways of customizing in-game messages. Bâââ!