• Models high and (g)low!

    Test version hexen2-r6303 of the game engine has just been released and now allows an unprecedented control on 3D models customization. Party time!

  • New test build and lost sheep

    Test version hexen2-r6297 of the game engine has just been released and features brand new fancy ways of customizing in-game messages. Bâââ!

  • Church Of The Unholy behind the scenes

    If you enjoyed Inky's Church Of The Unholy Quake mod and are interested in map design theory, don't miss this in-depth writing about the author's inspirations, philosophy, techniques and more!

  • Welcome to the Matrix

    Greetings mortals. We have been working extensively over the last month to get our new code changes pushed out to stable. We are pleased to announce that skybox is now working in the latest dev build. This took countless hours of code changes from Shanjaq and the mapping team. In addition to this we have fixed the scale UI bug which caused lines to run through the menus and hud. Users now have the ability to exceed the 72 FPS threshold by setting host_maxfps in their config. This should be pleasant news to users with 144hz or higher monitors. We are very close to another stable release that will include…