• Church Of The Unholy behind the scenes

    If you enjoyed Inky's Church Of The Unholy Quake mod and are interested in map design theory, don't miss this in-depth writing about the author's inspirations, philosophy, techniques and more!

  • Church of the Unholy

    Inky's new project just released!!! That's not Hexen II this time, but if you like Inky's very personal style you can't miss this one...

  • Shadows Of Chaos Remix by WhirledTsar

    HexenWorld member WhirledTsar just released his own vision of the Shadows Of Chaos mod which includes tons of new mapping possibilities and a crazy rework of the vanilla game ambiences! He tells us more about that amazing project...

  • Wheel of Karma on YouTube

    Inky's mod Wheel Of Karma is now in the spotlight of YouTuber Degorram who offers it a dedicated playlist in her playthrough series! Cast a glance at it for fun or even better: download the mod if you haven't yet!