• The Baron Gastone House by Rino

    We are in the ancient house of the Baron Gastone. He was a good brave gentleman, lover of poetry, expert in ancient magic, skilled in the sword, and an excellent pianist! His home was invaded and destroyed by the evil forces of Eidolon. The noble Baron was a brave heart and fought hard, but died in battle.

  • Hexen II BSP2 Map Support

    To drive new features that are not yet supported by uhexen2, we've decided to fork uhexen2 on github. We've successfully applied spike's BSP2 patch to the latest master and have implemented a few of our own fixes.

  • Upcoming Ravenhurst Map for Hexen II

    Another New Map

    Here is a shot of an upcoming map soon to be released sent to us by the Ravenhurst dev. More details to follow in the weeks ahead.

  • A New Hexen II Map: The Tyrant’s Tome

    The tyrant has been dethroned by the evil forces of Eidolon, yet his dark magic persists. A powerful enchantment seals his mysterious gate from outsiders. If I am to leave this place alive, I must find a way to break the deal.

  • Hexen II: Shadows of Chaos

    In case you haven’t heard Hexen II: Shadows of Chaos demo has been released. By the end of the week we will try to get a dedicated server hosted. You can get more information on it here: http://moddb.com/mods/hexen-ii-shadows-of-chaos