• The Tomb of Osiris

    Garyou just released his very first Hexen II map and sets the bar high right away! Enjoy this exciting newbie-yet-already-expert adventure!

  • Church Of The Unholy behind the scenes

    If you enjoyed Inky's Church Of The Unholy Quake mod and are interested in map design theory, don't miss this in-depth writing about the author's inspirations, philosophy, techniques and more!

  • Church of the Unholy

    Inky's new project just released!!! That's not Hexen II this time, but if you like Inky's very personal style you can't miss this one...

  • Shifting Sands

    Do you feel ready to face the threats lying in the depths of a gloomy ancient egyptian tomb buried under the sands of the desert? The sarcophagus of Pharaoh awaits in shadows... and the shadows are full of hungry yowlings and shining eyes...

  • The Baron Gastone House by Rino

    We are in the ancient house of the Baron Gastone. He was a good brave gentleman, lover of poetry, expert in ancient magic, skilled in the sword, and an excellent pianist! His home was invaded and destroyed by the evil forces of Eidolon. The noble Baron was a brave heart and fought hard, but died in battle.