Shifting Sands

Do you feel ready to face the threats lying in the depths of a gloomy ancient egyptian tomb buried under the sands of the desert? The sarcophagus of Pharaoh awaits in shadows…and the shadows are full of hungry yowlings and shining eyes.

Shifting Sands is a large BSP2 map featuring a lavish underground burial complex in the Thysis/Egyptian theme. It uses the Shadows Of Chaos mod, which adds altfires, new enemies, and various bug fixes & balance tweaks.

Expect puzzles, buttons… as well as traps, as in any decent ancient Egyptian tomb! It’s also packed with tough enemies. All that wrapped in a impeccable and glorious architecture perfectly lighted. Who could ask for more? Any kind of player should find their groove in this indispensable map.

So don’t wait any longer to download this new masterpiece by whirledtsar here: