Fortress of Four Doors + Peanut

ZDoom-style multi-mod loading

This week we are pleased to announce ZDoom-style multi-mod loading command line switching for the uhexen2-shanjaq fork, thanks to Shanjaq. This gives a user the ability to load mission packs and mods at the same time.

Example: glh2.exe -noportals -game fo4d peanut +max_temp_edicts 48 +map hexn1

We are currently wrapping up the final touches for the next release of uhexen2-shanjaq, which will be made available via the download section and will contain every known Hexen II resource ever created. This will include over 100 maps, every mission pack, every mod, BSP2 support, and fully working multiplayer along with an infrastructure to support it.

If you would like to help contribute to the future development of the uhexen2-shanjaq fork, please check out our code on github: