Tag: Hexen II

  • Privateer’s Hold

    Privateer’s Hold

    A mapper is born! HexenWorld invites you to discover this impressively huge first map by IronFox.

  • Tales of the Arabian deadly Nights

    Tales of the Arabian deadly Nights

    The very first map officially set in Inky’s extended universe is there, and it’s a WhirledTsar map!

  • The Tomb of Osiris

    The Tomb of Osiris

    Garyou just released his very first Hexen II map and sets the bar high right away! Enjoy this exciting newbie-yet-already-expert adventure!

  • Shifting Sands

    Shifting Sands

    Do you feel ready to face the threats lying in the depths of a gloomy ancient egyptian tomb buried under the sands of the desert? The sarcophagus of Pharaoh awaits in shadows… and the shadows are full of hungry yowlings and shining eyes…

  • uhexen2-shanjaq Released

    uhexen2-shanjaq Released

    After many months of development, we are pleased to announce the release of uhexen2-shanjaq Thanks to sezero, Shanjaq, spike, and samkod the Hexen II community has some awesome new features. These features include BSP2 support, mission pack auto-loading, fixed dynamic darklight effects for GL, new script functionality, ZDoom-style multi-mod loading, 44.1k audio, and a…

  • ZDoom-style multi-mod loading

    ZDoom-style multi-mod loading

    This week at we are pleased to announce ZDoom-style multi-mod loading command line switching for the uhexen2-shanjaq fork, thanks to Shanjaq. This gives a user the ability to load mission packs and mods at the same time.