Hexen II BSP2 Map Support

To drive new features that are not yet supported by uhexen2, we’ve decided to fork uhexen2 on github. We’ve successfully applied spike’s BSP2 patch to the latest master and have implemented a few of our own fixes. Our fork is called uhexen2/Shanjaq and can be found here: https://github.com/Shanjaq/uhexen2

What does this mean? Mappers are now able to use the Quake mapping standard for all future Hexen II map development. The Shadows of Chaos demo can now be run on virtually all platforms. This also brings a new set of issues to address. Incompatible MAX_LIGHTSTYLES is one of them. We need some folks to test our beta release for functionality prior to releasing it. If you would like to beta test please contact us via the “Contact” section of the website.

This is the first known instance of Hexen II Linux running a BSP2 map. The map is titled, “Peanutshop” and will be featured in our upcoming release.